Tō Mātou Wāi



He puna manawa whenua

unbounded have I formed you

from drops of sudden rain that fall from my shoulders

to darkened chambers deep from which I’ll one day send you 

bursting with new life

pristinely made   



The principal source of Smithwater is the recharge collected on the remote and native-forested Mamaku range in the North Island (Te Ika-a-Māui: the Fish of Māui). Filtered for over 50 years by a terroir consisting of an ancient volcanic plateau, sandy soil and silicic pumice, it is held in a vast aquifer that discharges 60 million litres per day through an ignimbrite fracture known by Māori as Te Puna.


Indicative analysis of Smithwater in mg/L (except pH): Bicarbonate 30; Calcium 2.8; Chloride 5.5; Magnesium 1.6; Potassium 4; Silica 74; Sodium 9.2; Sulphate 1.6; TDS 125; pH 7; Hardness 12.5.


Smithwater, high in silica content, is a soft water with a neutral pH and light minerality that is deliciously smooth to taste – the perfect accompaniment for any dining experience, formal or casual, and leisure pursuits.